E Cigarette

E cigarettes, have hit the headlines all across the world, as an alternative to the more harmful tobacco based cigarettes.

Tobacco based cigarettes, are known to contain over 4,000 harmful chemicals, 51 of them chemicals are carcinogenic. Carcinogenic is known to cause cancer.

With a electric cigarette, the only chemical it carries, is nicotine - which cuts out carbon monoxide and tar, which gives its user, a more healthier and tasteful smoking experience, as there are many e-liquid (also known as e juice) flavours a person can choose from.

E Juice flavours are endless. They can range from tobacco flavours to fruit flavours and everything in between.

The electronic cigarette also known as the e cigarette or e cig –  does not smoke, but vapers.

In a normal cigarette, tobacco is burnt which creates smoke containing nicotine  which is then inhaled and enters into the body.

The e cigarette works by a user pressing a button on the device. Once the button is depressed liquefied nicotine is boiled, which then alter the nicotine into vapor, which the smoker then inhales.

E Cigarettes - Environmentally Friendly

E cigarettes in comparison to normal cigarettes are environmentally friendly and don’t cause damage to the environment as normal cigarettes do.

What Do Electronic Cigarettes Contain?

The primary ingredient in a e cigarette is Propylene glycol. This is mixed with liquefied nicotine and various favourings. Propylene glycol is a chemical that is generally used as a food additive and it is colourless and odourless.

Propylene glycol has been in use for over fifty years and in that time it has proved to be a safe chemical, with no problems or side-effects of using the chemical being discovered in that time.

Electronic Cigarette

E Cig can be a safer alternative to smoking a traditional cigarette. Also a reason for e cigarettes rising popularity is the face that e cigs can be smoked in any location and electronic cigarettes are not subject to the same bans which bars traditional smokers from lighting up in pubs, nightclubs, offices, planes and other locations.

With e cigarettes, you can light up anywhere and any time!

There are main advantages in using a e cigarette and not a normal cigarette are that a e cigarette has no tar in it whatsoever and it is widely acknowledged that tar is one of the most dangerous chemicals found in a cigarette.

E cigarettes do not produce second hand smoke as a normal cigarette will – which means that people in the vicinity of someone smoking a e cigarette will be in no danger from inhaling dangerous chemicals.

Aloe e cigs do not leave lingering smells or attach themselves to clothes and leave ‘smokers breath’ on it’s users.

Over time a e cigarette can cost less overall than buying a normal e cigarette, as with e cigarettes the only costs incurred after the initial outlay are for refilling the e juice cartridge, which costs around £4.

it is estimated that the cost smoking one e cigarette, until the e cigarettes requires refilling equates to using nearly 40 normal cigarettes in the equivalent time frame.

Which means a user of a e cigarette – from the first day of he/she using a e cigarette will save a huge amount of money.

A History Of The Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes were created in 2003 by the Chinese Pharmacist Hon Lik.  Mr Lik created the device after his father died from lung cancer and Mr. Lik wanted to create a safer alternative to smoking.

In 2005, e cigs were launched in Europe and immediately were a huge success. Their popularity caused a debate in the UK house of commons, where it was decided that they wouldn’t be included in the smoking ban which took effect in that year.

Celebrities Using Electronic Cigarettes

The growing popularity of e cigarettes has seen many celebrities and sports stars, ditch traditional cigarettes and instead turn to electric cigarettes. Names such as Oscar winning actor Leonardo Di Caprio, Emmy award winning actress Katherine Heigl, Oscar winner Johnny Depp and pop superstar Britney Spears have all been spotted using e cigarettes.